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Banish the Twitter Recruiters

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Earlier today, class of 2015 five-star running back Damien Harris announced that he would be de-committing from the University of Michigan, sparking outrage from the lunatic fringe on social media.

We see this every time a recruit chooses against the University of Michigan. Recent examples are when five-star wide receiver George Campbell de-committed and when the number one recruit in the 2014 class, defensive end Da'Shawn Hand, chose Alabama.

Most are supportive and understanding of the decision, but there is always the very vocal minority that absolutely destroys your faith in the advancement of the human race.

Twitter Recruiting: The Creepy and the Creepier

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Twitter Recruiting (verb) - The act of taking to Twitter and openly recruiting high school kids to come to your favorite university. Often seen by grown men or overzealous fans.
It's become a pandemic on Twitter these days. Am I allowed to tweet recruits?  Is my tweet going to make a difference in this kids recruitment? Can I be best friends with said recruit? When the coaches take a vacation, can I recruit for them via Twitter? The answer will forever be a resounding NO and will always be no.

Regardless of holding booster status or not, a fan is absolutely not allowed to tweet recruits. Especially in the form of openly tweeting (or recruiting) players via Twitter or any other social media platform. Not to mention it's very creepy seeing a much older man tweet a high school kid like they've been best friends for years.

A word to the wise, never trust a man with an "egg" avi.

It's a really bad look for your fan base, not to mention yourself,  to take to Twitter and put these high school kids on blast to pick your school. Considering these kids are making life altering decisions about their future, do you really think they'll listen to you and your desperate pleas?

Wake me up when a recruit says that John Doe from El Paso tweeted "Hook 'em Horns!" to him one sultry February afternoon, and that forced his hand to commit to Texas. I'll hang up and listen.
Thanks for the advice, kind sir. Where would Joe Mixon be without you? Oh yeah, that's right. Earning over 30 scholarship offers.

Yes, every fan base has these "Twitter recruiters", including Michigan. When it gets to the point that every recruit that is looking at Michigan will "become a legend" if they commit to Michigan, it's time to be a tad realistic.
Granted, Da'Shawn Hand has a boatload of talent and will probably be a instant impact kid on the field immediately. You're not helping Michigan's case, fella.

The practice of Twitter recruiting has overrun Twitter timelines at alarming rates. People encourage, poke and prod these recruits and it's just embarrassing to see. These 17-18 year-old kids will never be your friend, and will most likely never listen to what you, a nobody to them, has to say.
 Preach, UMich Compliance. Preach it from the mountain tops. Let the coaches, you know, coach.

What is a booster? The NCAA spells it out for you, here. But, if you are incapable of clicking links, I'll say it loud and proud for all to hear.


Did you purchase a ticket (or season tickets) to attend any athletic events recently? How about one of those nice WEON shirts or ANYTHING from the MDen for that matter? If you answered yes to any of these questions, YOU MIGHT BE A BOOSTER. Actually, yes you are a booster.

So, what are boosters not allowed to do? Say it with me kids, "DON'T TWEET RECRUITS".

I can't stress how important getting rid of Twitter recruiting is. It's an annoyance, it's creepy and did I mention that it is incredibly annoying for fan bases all over the country? You wouldn't pick a random kid from a high school and tweet to him, why is tweeting a recruit any different?

The sad part to all of this is it's never going to end. Because it's not going to be governed and looked at by the NCAA. The NCAA will never take the time to find Twitter recruiters and punish the university for it.

It's a violation committed every day, a violation that will never be governed. In the history of ever. So before you tell a recruit "GO BLUE, or O-H!", think to yourself, am I really a creep?

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