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Michigan Offers 2015 DE Keisean Lucier-South

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Not many people may know the name yet, but chances are they will by the summer time, at the latest. Keisean Lucier-South has a very nice build for a DE his age, and will have time to improve on that once he gets into a college weight program. As of his latest weighing and measuring, he stands at six-foot four and weighs nearly 200+ pounds. He has a shot to make waves early in his career, but a lot of it will be on his shoulders.

It's not everyday that you get a player in peak physical form who can dominate like Lucier-South can, so it will be up to him to improve his game from his senior year, until he signs in February of 2015.

Brief Update: Ian Bunting

Saturday, January 19, 2013

I spoke with 2014 TE target Ian Bunting today to see where is at with his recruitment. He is high on Michigan and an offer is expected to come.

Here is what he had to say:

- I asked about his recuitment process and how it is going, he said: "Thing are picking up for me in the process and so far I have three offeres. Purdue, Vanderbilt and Illinois. I am going to visit as many schools as I can in the next few months."

- I asked about how Michigan planned on using him in the offense, as he is a very athletic TE. I brought up the comparison to Devin Funchess, he said: "Yeah, that's kind of the role I'd like to play on whatever team I end up on. Like him, I'll be a receiving tight end and I think we could fit and play together well."

- I asked about his thoughts on Michigan, he gave me the following: "I like Michigan a lot. I visited for their game against Northwestern this season and I liked it a lot."

- On whether an offer is coming soon: "I hope it does come, but that's obviously up to the Michigan coaching staff. All I can do is keep getting better and stronger."

- I asked him about how a Michigan offer would impact his recruitment, he said: "That would definitely make a huge impact on my recruitment. It's one of the schools that's highest up on my interest list and it would be a school I would definitely highly consider going to."

- I asked about his timeline in terms of a commitment, Bunting said: "I'm not exactly sure when I'm going to do that (commit to a school). I'm thinking about may committing before senior season."
I asked about his top schools, he said: "I think it's too early for me to start cutting down the list. I'll probably start doing that in a few months."

Having someone like Bunting commit to the 2014 class would be huge. Especially considering the amount of talent we have secured right now at the tight end position. As always, I will be keeping in touch with Bunting as the recruiting process goes on. If and when the offer comes for him, I'll be doing a full in-depth interview with him.

BREAKING: JJ McGrath commits to Michigan

Thursday, January 17, 2013

JJ McGrath informed me when I spoke to him after his visit that he had committed to Michigan last Saturday. Out of respect to him, this was not made public until he could make the announcement personally. Now that he has officially committed, I spoke with the newest member of the Michigan football team who is expected to take a preferred walk-on role.

JH: With your commitment to Michigan, what do you bring to the team?

McGrath: Well, the obvious answer is that I kick the ball far (laughs). I also bring confidence and leadership to the team. I couldn't care less if I'm only a kicker, I work extremely hard. It's my job to be consistent and that is my goal.

JH: I know you had some interest in MSU. How did that feel when they offered a scholarship to someone else and stopped recruiting you? Also, do you feel some sort of revenge or payback will be coming to them when you decided to commit to Michigan?

McGrath: I didn't make that decision based on vengeance because that simply is not the right thing to do. I've grown up a lot in the past 2-3 months and that has really allowed me to make smart decisions on my own. I was extremely upset with MSU, and it caused me to have a burning passion to beat them, but I didn't make the decision on "revenge". However, it will make kicking their tail just that much sweeter.

JH: There's been some big names who've had big moments in the past for Michigan. What is it going to take to include yourself into that elite group of Michigan kickers?

McGrath: Continuing what I've been doing from day one. Working my tail off and keeping it basic. I love pressure, I thrive in it. I think that will be my best attribute.

JH: A lot of people will be wondering, did the 2013 recruiting class Hoke has put together have any influence on your decision?

McGrath: He has put together a POWERHOUSE. That isn't the reason I chose Michigan but I definitely noticed that and it was a cool thing to add onto my other reasons.

JH: What are your reasons for committing?

McGrath: Simply because it's Michigan. The opportunities offered were just too much to turn down. The alumni, the level of ball, exposure, the team, coaches, the opportunity to play in the BIGGEST stadium in all of football and the benefits of having a Michigan degree. I couldn't pass that up. Another thing that struck me during my visit was that the tradition is real. While I am a kid now and I can't quite comprehend the Michigan tradition, I know that when I grow up I will look back and truly be able to appreciate this tradition and how awe inspiring it is not only for the state of Michigan, but for the NCAA as well. This school and this coaching staff represent the decades before them and to me, that's amazing.

JH: What do the coaches have planned for you as far as your place on the depth chart goes?

McGrath: The way I think it's going to work is that I redshirt my first year. After Gibbons graduates, I hope to win the job and start my redshirt freshman year.

JH: Last question, will you start to think about brunette girls before taking your kicks?

McGrath: I am actually into blondes a little more, but brunettes work (laughs). Really though, in all seriousness, I don't think about anything. My mind has completely blank thoughts before any kick.

McGrath will fit right into the trend of Hoke getting high character kids to commit to him and the University of Michigan. With the kicker position at an eventual premium, McGrath's talents and skill set will be needed in the near future.

Brief Update: Bryan Mone

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bryan Mone is a 2014 DT recruit hailing from Salt Lake City Utah. Who also happens to go to the same school as current Wolverine Sione Houma. Mone currently holds a Michigan offer and has taken a visit on campus. If you don't know much about this guy, it's time to get acquainted. Long story short, this kid is a BEAST.

He was also subject to rumors about potentially committing to this class. That commit never happened but I did speak to him regarding those rumors.
  • I asked him about the rumors regarding his potential commitment. Mone told me that he hasn't decided yet but Michigan is definitely his top school.
  • Mone has a timeline of committing sometime around his senior year.
  • I asked him about the importance of having a former teammate playing for Michigan (Sione Houma) in regards to his commitment and does it have an effect on him, he said: "Yes it does. He's my brother, we've played football together and he's really fun to be around."
  • I asked him what was it about Michigan that he loved and why they were his top school, he replied that he really loved the community of Ann Arbor and that he loved the school. He mentioned that the coaching staff really cares about their players. He also mentioned that he loved the Big House.
  • His top schools are as follows: Michigan, Stanford, and Utah.
I will be keeping in touch with Bryan, as always, throughout his recruitment. To me, it sounds like he could very much be a legitimate member of this 2014 recruiting class. IF he commits, I will be sure to get a more in-depth interview with him.

Brief Update: Gelen Robinson

Gelen, featured left, is the brother
of current Michigan basketball player "GRIII"
Everyone is familiar with the last name Robinson when it comes to Michigan athletics. Especially those who happen to be named "GRIII". It's possible that Michigan is looking to dive even deeper into the Robinson gene pool with this recruit.

Gelen Robinson, a '14 DE recruit is the younger brother of Glenn Robinson III. A freshman standout on the basketball team. The bloodline in this family is strong. The coaches have been keeping in touch with Robinson and I caught up with him to see where he is at with his recruiting process.
  • When asked about his recruitment process, he said: "Things are going pretty good right now,  I've had a couple coaches come through the school. It's been difficult lately to be able to get down to different schools because of wrestling. I still think it's going pretty well."
  • Robinson's thoughts on Michigan: "They're a great school, obviously. They have a great academic program. They're doing really well right now with all of their athletics and I know they will continue to stay on top."
  • The status of a Michigan offer: "Hopefully it happens. I haven't talked to any of the coaches recently but they've told me to keep on improving. They'll let me know as my season goes on and throughout my recruitment process to see if they will offer."
  • How having his brother playing for Michigan currently helps his views on Michigan and where they stand with him: "It's great to know I'll have someone there at Michigan, it's nice to know that he's there. In regards to my decision, I will have to pick somewhere that fits me. By what he tells me and by what I have seen so far it's a great school. Him personally, it wouldn't really effect my decision much because he's obviously in a different sport."
  • His timeline for a commitment to a school: "I really don't have a specific date that I want to be committed to a school by. I just think when the time is right I'll be able to figure that out."
As always, I will be keeping in touch with Gelen throughout the recruiting process and will have a more in-depth interview with him when he finally gets a Michigan offer.

Brief Update: Nile Sykes

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Here is a brief update from 2014 LB Nile Sykes from Oak Park, IL. Michigan coaches stopped by his school today so I spoke with him about his recruitment and his interest in Michigan.
  • I asked him if an offer was forthcoming, he said: "As far as an offer, I'm not sure at the moment. But they did tell me they have watched film and have liked what they've saw. So they will continue evaluating. They also said to keep in touch. I am actually going to make a phone call up there to try and take a visit.
  • When asked about any schools that were to offer him that could affect his recruiting he mentioned that Michigan could definitely be a game changer.
  • If an offer were to come from Michigan, he would still take his time and weigh his options. He wants to find a school that is perfect for him.
  • I asked him what he is looking for in a school and he said: "I'm looking for a great opportunity for an education with a good business management education along with a sports medicine program.
  • Morgan knows of Michigan's great tradition and loyal fans.
  • As of right now, Sykes does not have any top schools.
I will be keeping in touch with Sykes through his recruiting process and will be definitely talking to him if he is indeed offered. It appears there is mutual interest there.

Brief Update: David Cornwell

I spoke with '14 QB target David Cornwell (4*) today to see where he is at with his recruitment. There is no doubt in my mind that an offer is forthcoming and there is mutual interest between the two. It's obvious that Michigan is looking to take at least one quarterback in the '14 class and have yet to offer anyone at that position. Cornwell could very much be the first kid they offer.

Here is what he had to say:
  • Cornwell mentioned tradition, alumni base, education and the potential recruiting class they could bring in as major reasons why he was interested in Michigan.
  • When asked about where Michigan stands in his top schools, he mentioned that Michigan was in the top three-- Bama and UCLA are the other two. He said that a Michigan offer would shake up the rankings.
  • When asked if there was a legitimate chance Cornwell could commit to Michigan if he does get offered, he said that there was a chance. He hopefully plans to commit to a school by April or around summer time. But definitely before his senior year.
This is a brief update, I know. I will keep in touch with David and plan to speak to him more in-depth once Michigan has offered him. Stay tuned.

TBHR chats with '13 OL commit, Dan Samuelson

Monday, January 14, 2013

Michigan received another commitment to the already stacked 2013 recruiting class in the form of 3* OL commit Dan Samuelson (Plymouth, Indiana) over the weekend. As Hoke successfully "snaked-oiled" him away from Nebraska. Samuelson is the sixth offensive lineman to commit to the class.

According to Rivals, Samuelson boasts a 315 lb bench with a 415 lb squat. He also has a sterling 3.6 GPA. Samuelson took some time out to chat with me regarding his commitment.

JH: You were committed to Nebraska at one point and also had an announcement date of January 14th (today). What happened during your visit Saturday that made you change your mind? Also, how does Michigan differ from Nebraska?

Samuelson: Originally I was planning on Nebraska coming to visit me Sunday night when I got home. But, by the time I had been there Friday and part of Saturday and after talking with my parents, I knew that I wanted to go to Michigan. I didn't want to have the Nebraska coaches come all the way out here when I had already made a decision. I wanted to make sure I didn't lose out on a spot.

JH: During your recruitment, did the coaches say how many more offensive lineman they were going to take in this class? I know OL target Cameron Hunt was visiting with you.

Samuelson: They were thinking about two. That was most depending on Taylor Lewan's decision to stay or go, having some guys hurt and also David Dawson decommitting. They were looking between one or two. 

JH: Speaking of offensive lineman, the 2013 recruiting class is stacked with them, making you the sixth commitment. Some might turn away and look elsewhere to find a spot on the depth chart, what made you want to overlook that fact? Also, how do you expect this class to compete and gel as a unit?

Samuelson: It really never scared me being included with so many guys in this class. I know there's a big hole coming up with only about six or seven guys on scholarship. I have met all of the guys that are committed and I get along with them. It was never a problem with all of these guys being committed. I like competition, it doesn't scare me. I think we will become a very dominant group years down the road.

JH: A lot of recruits mention chemistry with coaches as a big reason for committing, who was your main recruiter and how do you feel about the current coaches at Michigan?

Samuelson: I had three big recruiters. It started with coach Funk a few years ago and then they kid of filled up so that recruitment kind of stopped. Then coach Hecklinski came through to my house. Originally I told him no thanks and I was staying with Nebraska. Then coach Borges and coach Hoke came by and recruited me. That's when I decided to come up and see the campus.

JH: Talk about yourself as a player. What type of player is Michigan getting in Dan Samuelson?

Samuelson: I have to say that I'm a big run blocker. Our school probably ran the ball 95% of the time, I like to hit to people. I am definitely going to work hard in the weight room to get strong. I'd say I'm a pretty smart kid and I can learn things. Like I said, I love to compete and I can't wait to get there.

JH: Finally, now that you've had a few days to let it sink in. In your opinion, what does it mean to be a Michigan Wolverine?

Samuelson: I would say it means a lot of things. Definitely carrying on a huge tradition and supporting a huge fanbase. I've had countless of new Twitter followers. It's very obvious that Michigan football is a huge program. It's definitely something that you have to treat with respect and I've very honored to say I am going to be a Wolverine.

Take what Samuelson said about the OL with a very small grain of sand. By the sounds of it, Samuelson could be the last offensive lineman taken this class. BUT if Michigan misses out on their key targets, it's still a possibility they could fill a spot with an OL if they so choose.

Michigan has a dedicated young man in Samuelson, who fits right in to the Michigan high-character mold.

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The Big House Report Speaks With Channing Stribling

Friday, July 20, 2012

The newest commit in the Wolverines 2013 recruiting class, two-star defensive back Channing Stribling (Matthews, North Carolina), impressed Michigan coaches at their recent clinic. Stribling did not waste any time getting on board with Team 134 after receiving the offer.

Stribling took some time to answer some questions.

TBHR: A lot can be said about your recruitment. Especially considering your commitment came under-the-radar, so to speak. When first going into the process, did you plan on committing to a school so soon if you found a great fit?

STRIBLING: Not really, my main plan was to get looks from most of the MAC Conference schools. Then I would weigh my options at each school.

TBHR: So getting a look from Michigan must've been pretty surprising? What was it about Michigan and their coaching staff that made you want to commit so soon?

STRIBLING: Yes it was. Mainly the family atmosphere. Like coach Hoke, Mattison, and Mallory all looked at me as I was one of their players. Coach Mattison even has a nickname for me, "Spider", and said he was going to call me that the entire time I was at camp, even before the offer came (laughs). After coach Hoke offered, I went back and told coach Mattison and he gave me a big hug and told me how proud he was of me. So, it's like I have four fathers as coaches.

TBHR: Let's talk about your game. I know you do a little bit of everything on the football field, but since you were recruited for the defensive back position, describe your game. What kind of defensive back are you? What do you feel are your greatest areas of strength and areas for improvement?

STRIBLING: Well, for me I play 20% physical and 80% mentally. My mentality is to think as a receiver and take away things from the wide receiver that will give me an edge. My strengths are my quickness to the ball, knowing how to play the jump balls, and being able to catch every ball that touches my hands. I have a saying that when I drop a pick, I'm dropping money or a scholarship (laughs). My areas of improvement is just focusing on better tackling and getting bigger.

TBHR: You mentioned the fact about size. How do you answer your critics who may say that you could possibly be too small to play the defensive back position in the B1G?

STRIBLING: Well, once I head to Michigan, they are going to make me put on more weight, which I'm gaining lots of weight right now. That's why I focus on the mental aspect of the game because you can put on weight but it's hard to coach a guys I.Q. When the physical part of my game comes along, there will be a balance between the two.

TBHR: Michigan has a funny reputation of having other schools starting to offer their "under-the-radar" type commits. Have you heard from any other schools or have you completely shut down your recruitment?

STRIBLING: I haven't heard from any other schools. But, unlike most commits who decommit, I'm a man of my word and I won't choose any other school over Michigan. I'm from Alabama and I grew up an Alabama fan. My friends and family ask me if Alabama were to offer me, would I go? I tell them no because Alabama was at my school to watch me play. They saw me and did nothing like the other schools did. Michigan looked past the ratings and if any other school offered me. They saw me as a special player that they loved and I thank God and the Michigan coaching staff for that.

TBHR: Last question, once you arrive on campus, what are your short and long term goals you'd like to accomplish as a Wolverine?

STRIBLING: Well, everyone says that they will redshirt me my first year. I see that as a challenge so my first goal is get playing time and start my first year. I would love to be the starter for many years. My long term goal is to get as many degrees in psychology as possible, and of course to become a professional athlete. If that doesn't work out I would like to become a psychological therapist.

Spoken like a true Michigan Man.

If you're interested in viewing some highlight tape of Stribling, you can find it below.


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