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Get updated on '14 WR Dominique Booth

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

As you may have read yesterday, Michigan coaches were planning on visiting Booth's school to speak with his coach today. Well that visit happened and I have the inside scoop of what exactly was talked about in the meeting today.

- Booth let me know that a member of the Michigan coaching staff and recruiting coordinator watched his film last week and they feel positive about offering him. When they get off the road they are going to sit down as a staff and watch his film. Around signing day they plan on getting Booth on the phone with Hoke.

- When I asked him if he felt confident that an offer was coming, he simply said yes.

- If this offer does indeed come, it doesn't necessarily shake up the rankings. It means that Michigan has just an equal chance as the other six schools in his top list.

As with Booth, I feel confident that an offer is coming his way here in the next few weeks. Booth is a talented WR and with scholarship space at a premium this year, it is necessary to address the skill positions as much as possible.

Introduction: Dominique Booth

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I spoke with Dominique Booth, '14 4* WR from Indianapolis, a few minutes ago to see where he is in his recruitment. I found out that the coaching staff will be visiting Booth tomorrow so I will have MUCH more to update tomorrow.

But, I have a brief update on Booth's top schools and his interest in Michigan.

- Booth told me he has a top seven (in no particular order) of Tennessee, Missouri, Indiana, Michigan State, Ohio State and Michigan.

- He told me that he has been hearing from Tennessee and Indiana the most

- As I said before, Michigan is meeting with him tomorrow so I will have a more in-depth update then.

- If Michigan were to offer, Booth told me that it would make them a legitimate option and will make him more serious in his considerations of being there.

- What interests Booth the most about Michigan is the tradition, the big stage, good academics and a good WR coach.

Tune in tomorrow and I will see what the coaching staff has to say.

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