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Brady Hoke No Longer D-Line Coach

Friday, February 7, 2014

Update: Michigan announced on Feb. 20 that Mark Smith will coach the defensive line, Curt Mallory will coach the safeties, Greg Mattison will coach the linebackers, and Roy Manning will coach the cornerbacks.

Editor's Note: Henson originally tweeted that Mark Smith was the defensive line coach, which we included in this post. However, it is Greg Mattison who is the defensive line coach according to The story has been updated with the correct facts.

National Signing Day 2014 Coverage: Michigan Football Recap

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Michigan has a nice haul of prospects heading to Ann Arbor this fall. Headlined by Jabrill Peppers and Drake Harris, Michigan has a handful of playmakers to add to their team, and they are more than welcomed.

Get to know each prospect a little better after the jump.

Film Breakdown: Devante Peete

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Michigan lost two key members of their WR core after the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl, star Jeremy Gallon is almost certain to go to the NFL, and Drew Dileo, who's power slide against Northwestern will never be forgotten.

Incoming freshman Drake Harris will be sure to make an impact this season, as will players like Devin Funchess, Dennis Norfleet and Jehu Chesson. That is a nice core of receivers for the Wolverines, but more help could be on the horizon.

Signing Day 2014 Coverage: Michigan Football LOI Tracker

The 2014 Michigan football recruiting class is headed to the final stretch as National Signing Day is finally here. It is a special day for thousands of high school football players around the nation. The blood, sweat and tears of commitment has culminated into a lifelong dream being realized. 

Below is a tracker of Michigan football commits who have sent in their LOI in order they were received, which can be viewed after the jump:

Barring The Michigan Daily is shameful

Monday, February 3, 2014

I’m not usually the one to write voracious blog posts on why I hate certain things, but today I felt compelled to do so. Unfortunately, the University of Michigan Athletic Department has left me no choice.

As a college graduate who majored in journalism and a proponent of free speech, the fact that the Michigan Daily – a student run newspaper at the U – was shut out of a Brady Hoke presser today is incredibly shameful. This is just another lump in a series of lashings the department and football program have received over the past few months.

Early Enrollee Profiles: Cornerback Brandon Watson

Michigan's highly touted 2014 recruiting class has seven players that have enrolled early and are currently in class and in the weight training program at the school. In our newest TBHR series, we profile each of these seven players and take a close look at what they will bring to the program.

In our second profile of Michigan's 2014 early enrollees, we will take a look at cornerback Brandon Watson, teammate of wide receiver commit Freddy Canteen. Watson's profile can be read after the jump.

University of Michigan Kicker Brendan Gibbons expelled from U

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

UPDATE: The federal Office of Civil Rights is investigating the University of Michigan's handling of the case, according to a report from the Detroit Free Press on Feb. 25. Our original story can be found below:

According to the Michigan Daily, former University of Michigan kicker Brendan Gibbons was expelled on Dec. 20 for allegedly violating the school's policy on sexual misconduct.

Who's in Charge of U-M Football?

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A struggle for power isn't exactly news. GM's want to do this; head coaches want to do that. Head coaches want to do this; coordinators want to do that. Everyone has the correct answer for the problem. Shoot, the ongoing battles between federal and state governments are breathing proof, just in case you're more in tuned with politics than sports.

The same debate is starting to take catch fire at Michigan, where questions are arising about the details of former offensive coordinator Al Borges' firing. Most notably, of course: who made the call?

Quarterback competition, not controversy, in 2014

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Photo Credit: USA Today
Entering the 2014 season, the Michigan football team is set with a unique situation at the quarterback position. Senior Devin Gardner, the experienced veteran returning from a broken foot and sophomore Shane Morris, the promising young quarterback looking to take over for the rest of his college career will be duking it out to see who gets the starting nod.

I'm not a betting man, but you can find betting info at, Gardner has a pretty good shot.

Nussmeier in position of instant success with the Wolverines

Photo Credit: AP
Friday saw a new offensive era welcomed in Ann Arbor as former Alabama offensive coordinator Doug Nussmeier was introduced for the same position at the University of Michigan. At face value, the hiring of Nussmeier was knocked out of the ballpark. As head coach Brady Hoke is surely fighting for his job next season, the pick had to be a good one.

Of course, we won't know about the choice fully until the games are played. But, as far as Nussmeier is concerned, he is in a position of instant success with the Wolverines.

The curious case of Dave Brandon at a presser [Video]

With new offensive coordinator Doug Nussmeier introduced and ready to roll (no pun intended,) it seems that his presser was overshadowed by an appearance from Athletic Director, supreme ruler and sky writer extraordinaire, Dave Brandon.

What many are calling a "weird" presser, Brandon took questions after it was over. Even when head coach Brady Hoke and Nussmeier took questions of their own and had their chance to speak. Which, in its own right, is fairly strange. Most AD's would be satisfied with their head coach speaking. Not in this case.

In the past, Brandon has been accused of meddling with the athletic programs and being too involved as an AD. Though many of his grand schemes have been utter flops and angered many (alternate jerseys, raising of ticket prices and general admission student section) this might be the tip of the iceberg.

REPORT: Michigan Hires Doug Nussmeier as Offensive Coordinator

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Well, that was quick.

Following the firing of offensive coordinator Al Borges earlier this afternoon, CBS Sports is reporting that Michigan has already hired his replacement in the form of Doug Nussmeier, offensive coordinator at the University of Alabama.

A PULSE IN ANN ARBOR! Al Borges Has Been Fired

Offensive coordinator Al Borges will not be retained by the University of Michigan football program in 2014, Brady Hoke and the school announced today in a press release.

No Surprises Here; Ann Arbor Still Silent After Bowl Game Disaster

Sunday, January 5, 2014

The definition of insanity is "something that is very foolish or unreasonable," according to the Miriam-Webster dictionary.

Following an embarrassing 31-14 loss in the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl to end 2013, it appears as if things will remain as they were in 2013 going forward, with Brady Hoke and his entire staff remaining intact.

Three Years: Rich Rod vs. Brady Hoke

Monday, December 9, 2013

I'm a believer in the three year rule. Three full seasons as head coach of a major college football team should give enough of an indication as to where a program is heading. For those of you who didn't have the fortune of deleting your memory from 2008 to 2011, you'll remember Rich Rodriguez was given exactly three years. During that time, the score-now-defend-later head coach won only 40.5 percent of his games and also coached the 2008 team that ended a streak of 32 consecutive years playing in a bowl game.

Rodriguez's ability to get some of the quickest of shiftiest guys in the country was almost unmatched, but he learned none of that really matters when your defense cannot stop an infant from plowing through the defense like a wrecking ball.

Then came Brady Hoke in 2011. His press conference--splendid, inspiring. His demeanor--captivating. There wasn't a logical reason to go against Brady Hoke that whole season, other than a loss to rival Michigan State. All he did in his first year as head coach at Michigan was lead the Wolverines to a Sugar Bowl victory. And let's not forget one of the most compelling facts about that team; he did it with Rich Rodriguez's players.

Hoke Expects Borges to Remain with Wolverines

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Coming off of a heartbreaking 42-41 loss to Ohio State at home to end the regular season, the University of Michigan's football program has many questions to answer and problems to address coming off of a disappointing 7-5 season, the team's third under head coach Brady Hoke.

The year is not done yet, as the team will likely be playing a bowl game sometime around Christmas, but now is the time that changes to a team are usually announced, whether it be staff or player related.

That being said, Brady Hoke stated earlier this week that he does not anticipate any changes to his coaching staff an expects everyone to return for next season, including much criticized offensive coordinator Al Borges.

Heartbreak in Ann Arbor

Sunday, December 1, 2013

If you compare a whole season's work, Michigan had no business being within a point of Ohio State yesterday.

But, they were. That is what makes college football so great.

As I sat in the stands dejected and heartbroken after the game, I thought to myself, "why am I even upset?" Undoubtedly I witnessed one of the greatest football games of my life, regardless of outcomes. It was almost a repeat of 1969, an underdog story only a movie could recreate. In this case, the underdog fell just two points short. Two incredibly close points it could reach for but just couldn't take.

Michigan head coach Brady Hoke will sure receive criticism and skepticism throughout the week for the failed two-point conversion call. My rebuttal to that is, what does Michigan have to lose? Hoke asked the seniors what they wanted and they wanted the win. I simply can't fault them for that.

Offense stalls in latest Saturday blunder, 24-21 loss to Iowa

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Heading into the second half of today's game with a 14-point lead and having both offensive and defensive units rolling would surely equal a victory, right? Dead wrong. This was the case today as the Michigan offense completely no-showed in the second half and Michigan gave up 17 unanswered points in their latest 24-21 losing effort to Iowa.

This is why Michigan fans can't have nice things.

A search party should've been conducted for the Michigan offense in the second half. Heading late into the fourth quarter, Michigan only managed six yards of offense in the second half. Six. Yards. Jeremy Jackson would catch a pass for 18-yards a short time later subsequently tripling their offensive output.

Michigan finished the game with 158 yards. Not to mention Michigan only managed to get ten first downs the entire game. How in anyone's world is that acceptable? That's not Michigan, that is not Big Ten. Those stats are reserved for obscure D-3 schools who are just happy to have a football program. The blame game has gone on for too long, Michigan just flat-out stinks.

This is the same old Michigan football that's been on repeat all year, this loss shouldn't come as a surprise.

The Iowa defense shut everything down in the second half. Every play that was working in the first half failed to work in the second. This has been an all too familiar storyline as the season progresses. The offense freezes, Michigan stumbles and often times plays themselves right out of the game. The second half today was the best example of this.

Not only did the offense completely seize up, it was embarrassing. There's no one to blame here but Al Borges. Looking back at his body of work, this should seal his fate. There is no reason to believe that he should return as offensive coordinator next season. Michigan does not have a bad football team on paper, Borges makes this a bad football team.

Brady Hoke needs to look inwardly after the season is over and think about the status of his staff. Does he show loyalty to Borges or does he show loyalty to the progression of his program? The answer should be clear.

The only bright spot on this day was the Michigan defense. In fact, Greg Mattison should be a deity in Ann Arbor right now. If it wasn't for his leadership with the defense, we are looking at a five or worse loss team. Blake Countess and Ramon Taylor came up huge with a pair of interceptions. Even oft-shuffled Brennan Byer had a pick-six to open up the scoring for the Wolverines.

Now I know how Akron feels. To dominate the turnover ratio but still lose? Something deeper is happening here.

Dan Wetzel said it best. Michigan is slowly turning into what Notre Dame was with Charlie Weis. A team full of good recruits that failed to produce on the football field. This is what it has come to, comparisons to Notre Dame football. What has Michigan proven otherwise to argue the opposite? We've fallen a long way from 97.

With Ohio State heading to Ann Arbor and determined to finish the year 12-0, it's not going to be pretty. Michigan is dangerously close from being ran out of their own stadium next Saturday. That thought alone is unacceptable.

For the Wolverines, the nightmare of 2013 is almost over. As a season many would love to forget, many are hoping this nightmare does not get stuck on repeat.


Sunday, November 3, 2013

Yes, the title of this post deserves a single word.

There are no positives to what occurred in East Lansing last night, only proverbial wounds. Large, gaping wounds. What we saw yesterday was a Michigan team that was exposed, outsmarted, out-coached and dominated in every single facet of the game. If you thought Penn State was the lowest of the low, Michigan State introduced us to a brand new low for this season. Michigan did not stand a chance.

This one will hurt for awhile.

This spreads far more than what Michigan State did to the Wolverines yesterday. But, it forces fans to think , "What's next for this team?" With four games left and a ticket to a conference championship looking more unlikely with every passing minute, it is another failed season for the Wolverines. Considering Michigan has not won a conference title since 2004, which was shared with Iowa, has every season since then been a failure? What is it going to take the right the ship?

However, by some dumb stroke of luck, Michigan could find its way to a conference championship birth if it wins out and Michigan State completely bottoms out. Though highly unlikely, Michigan State has placed themselves in the drivers seat and control their destiny in the Legends division.

Now, back to regularly scheduled programming.

The offense is atrocious right now. Scoring big against weaker opponents in the B1G is not something to thump your chest over. Michigan is not built to be that way, the foundation laid before Team 134 suggests bigger things. But, to no-show against the better teams of the conference, and yes Michigan State is the better team, is inexcusable. It's the same old song with the same old dance on repeat.

Do I think heads should roll after the season? Possibly. Would it happen? Highly unlikely. In a perfect world Al Borges would be sent on his merry way. The offensive play calling this season has been absolutely atrocious. Michigan is not a pro-style team, at least not right now. The aftershock of Rich Rodriguez is still very much apparent and doesn't seem to be going away any time soon. After Borges, who is next? Someone with Michigan ties or someone with a history of winning? You can probably see where this one is headed.

Granted, Michigan is in a much better state compared to what it was before Brady Hoke came to Ann Arbor. But, when does the program leave this era of ineptitude and not living up to expectations? It's always one baby-step forward, two giant steps backwards. To say Michigan has regressed since 2011 is a fair statement to make, but it is possible it was never there to begin with. Conceivably the Sugar Bowl victory and victory over Ohio State that fans hang their hat on is a product of overachievement and taking advantage of a program who had a down year. Considering what Ohio State is now, that might be the case.

If heads should indeed roll, Hoke should not be one of them. At least not for another season. Perhaps a 11-2 start to a Michigan career sky-rocketed fan expectations to astronomical heights, but the honeymoon phase of his Michigan coaching career is definitely over. Hoke's seat is not hot yet but lukewarm might be a safe temperature to use. Talking and preaching the "Michigan football gospel" is one thing, but fans and the higher-ups in the university need to see results. These results just aren't happening like they were two seasons ago. Some fans aren't sure they will ever happen with him, I say that's a reach. Hoke is capable of bringing Michigan to the top-of-the-pack, but it might take longer than some hoped for. Patience might not be a virtue in this case, but help is on the way. The problem with that, though, is how you develop that help.

Signing talent is one thing, but developing your players after getting them onboard is another. If Michigan is destroying the recruiting game right now, then how come walk-ons are seemingly waltzing into starting positions? For example, instead of developing core talent on the offensive line, they insert the next four-star recruit or former walk-on turned scholarship player hoping it sticks. Granted, there isn't much that can be done to fix that line this season, but in-game experience is far more valuable than being a practice All-American.

Above all, 2014 is the measuring stick. The system will be in its fourth season and the team will be challenged with a difficult road schedule, if there are no significant improvements or success, it's time to take an inward look at leadership. No excuses.

Michigan still has a current season to finish before it gets into any of the specifics. Michigan could somewhat salvage a respectable season and could hypothetically be a two-loss team when it faces off against Ohio State the last week of the season. But Nebraska, Iowa and Northwestern are bigger priorities. With all three teams having down years, it still doesn't make these games easier for Michigan. It needs to put this week behind them and focus on what worked before.

Michigan is a wounded program right now, it's been kicked around and abused by their rival schools (save for Minnesota and arguably Notre Dame). Something fans and the university have not experienced much before. Michigan just needs to lick their wounds and focus on salvaging whatever is left of this season, that's it. The drop-off from years past is certainly frustrating and Michigan is losing considerable ground from the "glory days." But it's not impossible to get back to. Something will click one day. Whether it's a brand new staff or a brand new mentality, Michigan will be back. But, right now I believe this is fair:

"This Is Not Michigan."

Is Brady Hoke to blame? Not a chance

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Gearing up for Minnesota this Saturday may not have been so daunting in years past. This time around, considering the circumstances, it might be a little different. Michigan struggling two weeks ago will have fans and undoubtedly the coaching staff nervous. Combine that with a vastly improved Golden Gopher team and it could spell disaster.

Coming into this weeks contest, there is one man who should be absolutely free of blame for the team's struggles, that is Brady Hoke.

The team is 4-0, the upcoming schedule is favorable from an opponent perspective and the team is destined for better things. To put the past in the past, things are looking up. But, should the latest struggles be Hoke's fault? Absolutely not. In fact, it's far from his fault.

Before getting into the heart of my argument, something must be addressed.

On top of placing the blame on his shoulders and questioning the quality of coach Hoke is, the complaints about him not wearing a headset need to end. Not only is that argument dumb and invalid, it's not going to change the outcome of the previous two games. Typically, on a football team, there are offensive and defensive coordinators who call the shots for their respective side of the football. In coordination with the head coach, they call plays throughout the game. Hoke has always been the type of coach that stays back and allows his coaching staff to call a football game with minimum interference.  Only during crunch time or in the rare occurrence he wants to override the coaching staff one will find Hoke with a headset.

Would putting on the headset make Gardner become a more accurate passer? Or how about the offensive line containing pressure so Gardner is able to have time in the pocket? The answer to both of those questions are probably no. Michigan is 4-0, they've played four games. What else do fans want here?

It's understandable fans wanted to see Michigan crush Akron and UCONN, but stats are stats. For example, seeing Gardner throw for 500 yards against UCONN won't make much of a difference four-five games down the line. Sure, it helps with confidence, but what does that have to do with Hoke?

The point is, the problem is far more wide-spread. Pinpointing the blame to a singular person or entity is useless. The problems will still remain.

Perhaps the game against Akron could be placed on the coaching staff as a whole. The players were obviously under-prepared and it showed. Whereas the case with UCONN, was it the same concept? My point being is that there comes a time where the players should be having the blame placed on their shoulders and not the head coach. Granted, Hoke is THE guy, he will take all the blame when it comes to the team struggling or not being prepared for a team because that is the type of guy Hoke is. He will never throw a player or member of the staff under the bus. But you can't blame someone else when your quarterback is giving the ball away, there is no passing game as of late, and the rushing attack is sparse.

Perhaps the gameplan has been poorly executed? Perhaps the offensive coordinator has not put the offense in a position to succeed? But, I am willing to bet that once Gardner and the offense figure out their issues and get the proverbial ball rolling, all will be forgiven for past performances.

It's funny how quickly people seem to forget what Hoke has done in such a little time. From beating Ohio State and a BCS bowl victory in 2011. On top of that, absolutely killing it on the recruiting trail. Again, I ask, what would you rather prefer? Before acting like Michigan doesn't have the right guy at the helm, calm those feelings down until the team wins a conference championship first. Hoke is leading the team in the right direction and he's doing it the right way.

We are just beginning to scratch the surface with Brady Hoke. To see the strides we have made from the previous coaching regime of Rich Rod has been huge. To question his ability to coach a football team, especially one at the University of Michigan, is silly. He is one of the very few who get what it takes to be a Wolverine. He understands the culture, the history, and the type of players that wear that winged helmet.

Besides, armchair quarterbacks of the world, if you feel like you're a better coach than Hoke. Why aren't you out there on Saturdays? I'll rest my case.

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