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Top Five Interviews of 2012

Thursday, December 13, 2012

With 2012 winding down, I thought now would be a great idea to share what I feel are the best interviews I did in 2012. This year was magical in every sense of the word. The opportunities to speak to some of the greatest players in school history is truly an honor.

With that, let's get to the list!

Number Five: Marcus Ray

- Marcus Ray is one of the more colorful characters that have graced Ann Arbor. But, we love him just the same. He's much more than the guy who lit up David Boston in 97. He's an author, a father, and an all-around good guy. Marcus was the first interview I conducted for the website -- and it turned out to be awesome -- which will always be memorable.

Number Four: Jim Brandstatter

- This interview was particularly huge for me. Jim Brandstatter is the second half of the Michigan football radio team. So hearing that familiar voice personally speaking to me is an awesome feeling. This interview went particularly well because Jim has seen so much as a player and broadcaster that leaves him with fantastic stories to tell. Besides, it's always great to hear about Bo Schembechler from someone who knew him so well.

Number Three: Brandon Williams

- This interview was particularly special to me because I ended up making a great friend out of this process. I met Brandon through a mutual friend that hooked me up with an interview with him. We ended up having a second interview and we would go on to discuss Michigan football for more than an hour. Brandon is a Michigan football encyclopedia. Since he saw everything first hand, he had some awesome stories to share with me. It's cool to see us continue to talk to this day.

Number Two: Tom Mack

- I was absolutely honored to speak with Tom Mack. Interviewing my first NFL Hall of Famer is really a milestone in my young career, so this will always be special to me.

Number One: Anthony Thomas

- Not much needs to be said about this. This is the A-Train we're talking about here. An opportunity to speak with a Michigan legend is very humbling and I am very appreciative for the opportunity. This is by far the best and my favorite interview of 2012.

If TBHR can recreate the same success we saw in 2012, we are guaranteed to have a great 2013. The drive to success is a long one, but we must carry on. Happy holidays and happy new year!

TBHR Interviews Anthony "A-Train" Thomas

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

His name is Anthony Thomas. Some may know him as the "A-Train". Others know him by simply calling him one of the best running backs in Michigan football history. One thing remains true, with his bruising style of play earning him the nickname of the "A-Train", Thomas remains the model of Michigan running backs to this day.

I was fortunate enough to speak with Thomas and ask him a few questions.

JH: To start, what are you up to these days?

THOMAS: I just finished up coaching this season, I am an assistant coach at West Virginia Wesleyan College. Right now we're recruiting a new head coach as our previous coach was let go. We're just waiting on another guy to come in and see how things go.

 JH: What was it like to win a national championship as a freshman? What made that 1997 team so special?

THOMAS: It was just the guys we were with, as you know I was a freshman and those guys brought me along like I was one of the guys. They took me in like I was one of theirs. We did a pretty good job at being a family. That was the most important thing, we were a close-knit group of guys.

JH: Also, talk about Charles Woodson, a crucial member of the '97 team. What was it like to play with him on the offensive side of the ball during his run to the Heisman?

THOMAS: It was something special. Just coming from a small town and seeing this guy play just every single position he wanted to play and be successful with it, it was eye-opening. It's something you strive to be, he's one of those guys that put himself high on the pedestal and you had to go out there and succeed for him.

JH: Looking back on your Michigan career, what does it mean to you that people mention you in the same breath as the all-time Michigan greats?

THOMAS: There's a lot of guys that came to Michigan that were great football players, including running backs. Obviously they say I'm one, that's something that makes me feel honored that I'm included and think of me like that. There's other guys like Wheatley and Tim (Biakabutuka) who did also did a good job themselves.

JH: To build on that, you were Michigan's leading career rusher for seven years until Mike Hart broke your record. What does that mean to you that you were (and still are) the standard of Michigan running backs?

THOMAS: It's something that's good, it's something that guys can strive to get to. Mike Hart did it and it's not something just Hart wanted to do. It's something that all Michigan running backs strive to do.

JH: It's also happens to be Ohio State week. What was your favorite moment as a player from the rivalry?

THOMAS: Probably my senior year (Michigan won 38-26), just coming out and playing those guys. You never know exactly what the records are, you kinda throw that out the window. You just have to go out there and play your best, just as we expected they were going to give us their best.

JH: What lessons learned from Coach Carr did you find valuable during your time in the NFL?

THOMAS: Being patient, take my time and try to study as much as I can. He's one of those guys that tells me to always like I've been there before. It's something that stuck with me as player and now as a coach. Act like you've been there before. Even when you score a touchdown, you don't have to be outlandish and things like that.

JH: Finally, talk about Brady Hoke and the future of Michigan football in your perspective.

THOMAS: I think it's a great opportunity for Coach Hoke. He coached us back in 1997 and I think he's a great coach and a great person. I think he's got the guys going in the right directions where we want to go and see them strive in. I think the kids have bought into the program and what he expects. I also think the coaching staff have gone out and done a great job with getting their kids out there and doing what they want them to do. I think it's an up-and-up for those guys out there.

Thomas can be found on Twitter! Follow him at: @A_Train3235

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