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Quick hits with Alex Bookser

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Brady Hoke recently stopped by Mt. Lebanon High School (Pennsylvania) earlier this week to see Alex Bookser, a '14 OT. There appears to be legitimate interest between the parties and the early stages of an offer could be happening.

I spoke with Bookser to see how the meeting went and to get updated on his recruitment:

- On his recruitment: "It's going so much better than I could have imagined. I knew I had a pretty good season but I didn't expect the amount of attention I'm getting. I'm up to seven offers so far which is really exciting."

- On any "dream" offers that would blow him away: "I really don't have a list of dream schools, but Michigan has definitely always been a place I've thought about playing, along with Notre Dame, those two have always stuck in my head as two of the biggest football schools around. But I really don't know."

- On his meeting with Brady Hoke: "Well he came by after our morning lifting and we just talked about how the offseason has been going and if I've been working hard and stuff like that, I was pretty excited that he decided to make the trip."

- On what Hoke is like "behind the scenes: "(laughs) He was actually pretty intimidating at first, I could tell he meant business from his handshake. But he seemed like he had a sense of humor and a good personality. Personally, from the little time we talked, I liked him."

- On potential offer during his meeting with Hoke"He didn't mention anything about a scholarship directly but they said they wanted to keep in touch, so yeah I think they're keeping an eye on me."

What an offer from Michigan would do to his recruitment: "Well even though I haven't been offered by them yet I've always kept them as one of my top teams I'm interested in, just hoping they'll offer me. I really don't know, every time I start to get an idea of where I want to go somebody else shows up and tries to change my mind so I'm sure it would definitely change how I'm thinking."

- Why Michigan?: "Well, I've always been a fan of them growing up, just because of the style of football they play. It's changed a little bit with Denard Robinso, but I know that's just the style of offense he could play. And when I went up to see a game this fall I was just really amazed by the atmosphere and how the entire town gets so into gamedays."


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