Brady Hoke is fat jokes, because pointing out the obvious is original

Monday, January 28, 2013

Who knew Twitter had so many comedians? I sure didn't. When I took a quick browse through the Twitter search of "Brady Hoke," I was astounded at what I found. Not because I was blown away by the sheer cleverness of these tweets, but by the blatantly stupidity and unoriginality people can show sometimes.

The venom is cast in the form of "Brady Hoke is fat" tweets. Alright, you guys, we get it. Brady Hoke is overweight. We also get it that he beat Ohio State in his first year as head coach-- as did Urban Meyer when he beat Michigan. But, the poor attempt at humor is laughable. Also, it's cute at the same time.

If the only ammunition everyone has on Michigan's head coach is that he is fat, Michigan is sitting pretty. There's really not much else to say except..


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