Monday Monologue 12.03.12

Monday, December 3, 2012

Al Borges got himself in a car accident this morning. There was a pileup of semis on the highway. The exit lanes were wide open and he had a clear lane, but he decided the best way to get through the traffic jam was to take his smallest car, and try to run it right through the pile of semitrucks. (By now, hopefully you've realized this is an analogy for how he coached the 4th quarter last week)

For the 3rd straight year, Wisconsin is representing the Big Ten in the Rose Bowl. For the 3rd straight year, they will likely embarrass the conference. At least this time, it won't be against the Little Sisters of the Poor.

Last year, MSU played in the Outback Bowl.  This year, it's the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl. If the trend of playing in bowl games sponsored by progressively lower priced restaurant chains continues, there is only one spot for them next year. That's right, hello Ford Field! Hide your couches, Little Caesars Bowl!!

(Author's note: So I'm not sure whether to put 12, 14, 15, or 16 items in my "Big 10" list, so we are going to stick with 12 until the new teams are actually playing. I can't keep up with Jim Delany's buffoonery)

Speaking of Buffalo Wild Wings, their trivia guru/creepy OSU booster makes an appearance on this week's Big Ten List. With the Buckeyes sitting this bowl season out due to cheating, the question has been raised as to what they will do with this extra time. The Big Ten List answers that question.

The Big Ten List: Buckeye Bowl Plans

12. Find a foreign country to sell their gold pants too (@mjarvi83)
11. Team trip to the tattoo shop (@dfuhst)
10. Dinner at Tressel's - sweater vest mandatory (@ACMaverick83)
9. A lot of Christmas shopping on their fancy iPads, given to them by a shady athletic department (@jaredmichael928)
8. Public urination (@jebbe1977)
7. STILL not "playing school" (pretty much everybody)
6. Braxton Miller's Heisman campaign...oh wait (@wezzaljr2)
5. Complain about teams that didn't cheat, and actually did make bowl games (@LanceGordon)
4. Catch up on their inbox (@MarkTheNomad)

3. Send Little Brother the right game film (@realpeteS)
2. Get their Goose On, Clarett style (@MarkTheNomad)
1. Recruit (with pic below) (@MarkTheNomad)/Trivia Night at B-Dubs (@jebbe1977)

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