Monday Monologue 10.22.12

Monday, October 22, 2012

Purdue almost did the entire sports world a favor. They led OSU by 8 points with under 3 minutes left, had the ball, and OSU only had 1 timeout left. Then Purdue boilered down, and proceeded to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. I don't want to say they went ultra-conservative, but even Lloyd Carr thinks Danny Hope should have been more aggressive with play calling.

For the record, both of Kirk Herbstreit's picks (Northwestern and Purdue) to make the Big Ten Championship Game lost. And it wasn't just that they lost, they both found embarrassing ways to blow the game. By making such an oddball prediction, Herbie has shown the world that he still hasn't recovered from this hit:

Michigan got a big win over MSU this week. After kicking the game winning field goal, Michigan was flagged for an excessive celebration penalty. At the same time, my next door neighbors, the people across the street, and the local police got me for excessive celebration as well.

As we all know, East Lansing is known primarily for 2 things: burning couches & excuses. For the B1G List, here are Saturday's Big Ten Sparty Excuses:

12. Delvon Roe's mouth jinxed us. (@jebbe1977)
11. Our coach told us they were no threat. (@SteveCKays)
10. We'd rather watch the B1G Championship on our couch this year. (@CLEWolverine)
9. We "shot ourselves in the foot". (@jebbe1977) (Plaxico jokes never get old, am I right?)
8. Our timekeeper only works at our stadium. (@78Grams)
7. Our kicker was thinking of blonde girls instead of brunette girls. (@78Grams + @SteveCKays)
6. We were too busy celebrating having never lost a BCS game. (@sbell021)
5. Urban Meyer sent us the wrong game film. (@LanceGordon)
4. We were too busy recruiting nationally to prepare for the game. (@78Grams)
3. We wanted to see if our tears really tasted like sugar. (@jebbe1977)
2. Our defense was too busy tweeting about Denard to stop him. (@Mark_Blosser)
1. Dileo's whiteness caused a weird reflection in my teammate's helmet. (@MarkTheNomad)

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