Where Each of Michigan's Players Fit Best in the NFL

Thursday, April 17, 2014

The NFL Draft is just three short weeks away, and there is still a lot to do in terms of talent evaluation, and who each team wants to draft. I've done some thinking, and now I think I know where each player from the University of Michigan should go, and where they will fit best.

First, there are a few Michigan players that are not really on people's radar's in the NFL just yet, but there has been nice improvement since the season ended, and when their talents were on display in their Pro Day in March.

You can check out my list after the jump.

Caris LeVert Returning for Junior Season at Michigan

Caris LeVert has announced that he will be returning for his junior season at the University of Michigan. LeVert told mlive.com that he is, "100 percent" returning to the university, and that should have Michigan fans excited.

LeVert had an impressive sophomore season after being nearly a non-factor in the 2013 campaign, his freshman year. He averaged just short of 13 points per game (12.9ppg) in a season that few expected.

Mitch McGary's NBA Draft Decision The Toughest To Make

Now that Nik Stauskas and Glenn Robinson III have made it official in taking their talents to the NBA, the Michigan Wolverines are waiting to see what sophomore big man Mitch McGary decides to do, and he has a much more difficult one to make than his teammates did.

Throwback Thursday: Jim Harbaugh

Growing up in Ohio, surrounded by family and friends that were all buckeye fans, I remember watching a Michigan quarterback guaranteeing a victory against those buckeyes. That guarantee became truth and it was spoken by none other than Jim Harbaugh

Harbaugh was a four year letterman for the Michigan Wolverines at the quarterback position from 1982-1986. He was a 3 year starter, under coach Bo Schembechler, that began his sophomore season. Playing Michigan St the fifth game of the season, Jim suffered a broken arm and ended his season. 

Coming back in his junior year with a chip on his shoulder, Harbaugh led his team to a great 10-1-1 season. Some say this was the best season Bo ever had as a coach. Although the season started on a funny note, it ended victoriously.  On the first play of the first game back from injury, Harbaugh stepped up to the line to call the play, tapped center Bob Tabachino on the hip and asked him what is it on. He forgot the play count. This was Tabachinos first start at center. The center said "That, to me, he's just so intense and so excited and such a competitor."  Jim never lost his intensity the rest of his career and it has carried over to his coaching as well. During that spectacular year Harbaugh and the Wolverines defeated OSU, and went on to beat Nebraska in the Fiesta Bowl. They finished second in the polls for the season. Harbaugh led the nation in pass efficiency that year. 

His senior year was much of the same greatness we saw in his prior season. Michigan went 11-2 along with a invite to the esteemed Rose Bowl. This is the year I remember the big guarantee. Harbaugh said at a Monday press conference that Michigan would beat the Buckeyes and go on to the Rose Bowl. He delivered on his statement. The Wolverines went into a hostile Columbus environment and won 26-24, sending them on to Pasadena. Jim not only talked the talk but he showed he could also walk the walk. He would then be named the Big Ten Conference player of the year and to the all academic team. Harbaugh finished third in the Heisman voting. 

At the end of his college career he would be in the top 5 in Michigan football history for passing attempts, completions, completion percentage, passing yards and touchdowns. To date he still is 6th in passing yards and 7th for career completions. Jim held the record for NCAA division 1-A passing efficiency(325-399) for twelve years. Also he was the first Michigan QB to pass for over 5,000 yards. 

Harbaugh would be the 26th pick in the 1987 NFL draft by the Chicago Bears. He was their leader for the next 6 years before moving on the the Colts. After a long career in the NFL, Jim turned to coaching. He would eventually become head coach for University of San Diego, Stanford and currently the San Francisco 49ers. He has went from Michigan QB to Super Bowl coach. 

He continues to have the same intensity, passion for the game and desire to be the best, just like what we first saw when he wore the famous winged helmet for the Wolverines. Jim Harbaugh is one of the Michigan greats and one of the reasons I became a Michigan fan. Congratulations Coach Harbaugh on all your success on this throwback Thursday. 

Michigan Basketball: An Early Look At The Post-Stauskas and Robinson Era

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Michigan basketball's duo of sophomore basketball stars, guard Nik Stauskas and forward Glenn Robinson III, made it official on Tuesday afternoon when they announced that they will forego their final two seasons of eligibility and enter the 2014 NBA Draft.

Whether fans are on board with their decisions or not, they are final and the Wolverines will be moving forward with the talented roster that they still boast, regardless of if big man Mitch McGary decides to return or not, which I personally believe he will.

Since we all like to play the "looking ahead to next season" game, let's take a look at the projected lineup that coach John Beilein will throw out there for the 2014-15 season.

The Curious Case of the Michigan Offensive Line

Before I jump right into this, I wanted to start with a bit of an introduction to my background. I played football for 10 years, from 3rd grade all the way through high school. I had a few offers to play college ball at D3 or D2 schools, but I (perhaps stupidly) chose to not continue my football career. For each and every one of those 10 years, I played offensive line (and linebacker, but that's irrelevant right now). The reason I'm telling you this isn't because I'm reliving my glory days here, but to sort of let you all know that offensive line play, in particular the play of the center and left tackle, is near and dear to my heart. I watch the offensive line more than I watch any other position, and last season's debacle on the line cut me deep.

Follow me through the jump to hear my thoughts on the current state of the Michigan offensive line, and how I think it'll all shake out come August 31st...

Glenn Robinson III: Should He Stay Or Should He Go?

Monday, April 14, 2014

With the news of Glenn Robinson III reportedly hiring an agent and entering the NBA Draft, now is as good a time as ever to kick-off our latest content series, "Should He Stay or Should He Go?"

Robinson is currently rated as a late first round pick, according to ESPN's Chad Ford. Depending on what he shows at the combine, he could either jump up into lottery contention or fall into the depths of the second round.

Aside from combine performance, let's take a look at what we've seen from Robinson on film over the last two seasons.

Nik Stauskas, The Choice Is Yours

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Let's play a game, shall we? For the sake of argument, and because I just like to play Devil's Advoate, let's weigh Nik Stauskas's options for him as the deadline to enter the NBA Draft draws closer and closer. Stauskas has a lot to offer for both sides of this argument, and I wouldn't be shocked by either choice he makes. 

First, let's see the pros for staying another year at the University of Michigan

• Stauskas has made a name for himself in the Crisler Center after some remarkable achievements this season, so he could look to add to his résumé next year. 

• Stauskas and company, over the last two seasons, has made deep runs in the NCAA Tournament and has never been knocked out before the Elite Eight, so big time games seem to follow him. Could he try and go for his second National Championship berth in 3 seasons? 

• A National Championship is something Michigan hasn't had since 1989, but have been to the game recently (2013 runner-up.) Stauskas knows that if he stays, and so do Michigan's other elite players such as Mitch McGary and Glenn Robinson III, he has a shot to compete for another one. 

• Building on his draft stock by having another season like he had in 2014, could bump him into the Top 5 conversation, and prove this season was no fluke. He's developed a lot over the course of one offseason, and if he duplicates his work ethic this offseason, he can be better than he already is. 

Now, after looking over the postives Stauskas has by coming back to school, let's check out the negatives. 

• Although Stauskas had a very good season, more than likely he won't have his draft stock this high again in his collegiate career. He took the league by storm, much like former teammate — and current Utah Jazz PG Trey Burke — and led his team to an outright Big Ten Championship in a season that was supposed to be a down year. He could make the case to an NBA executive looking to draft him that he could do the same for their franchise. 

• Getting paid top dollar for your performance is something everyone wants, and I'm sure Stauskas is no different. He could be making millions in the NBA before he could legally have a beer to celebrate a win, so it could be hard to pass up the cash, regardless if it's American or Canadian currency. If he stays in Ann Arbor, he is essentially losing money. Money isn't everything, but it is hard to deny that kind of money. 

• Returning to college would be risky for Stauskas. He could literally look on his bench for the reason why. McGary was a force in the NCAA Tournament before he returned to school, and he ended up only playing eight (8) games for Michigan before being shut down for the season with a back injury. Stauskas has proved to be durable, but he is not impervious to injury. 

Stauskas has a lot to think about, especially if his teammates decide to return too. I don't think he should base his decision soley on the other men returning, but I do think it plays a key factor. Having a starting lineup of Caris LeVert, Nik Stauskas, Mitch McGary, Glenn Robinson III, and Derrick Walton JR. would make it hard for any team to beat them, so it is enticing. The floor is all Stauskas's right now, and I'm sure all eyes are on him right now. We'll see soon how it pans out, and how it impacts the Wolverines whenever it happens. 

The Impact of Jon Horford's Departure

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Many were surprised with the news from earlier this afternoon that Michigan basketball's senior big man Jon Horford would be transferring schools for his final year of eligibility, but when you consider what his body language and performance was like down the stretch this season, it does not come as much of a surprise.

His departure from the program does have a huge impact, though, as he was expected to be a key contributor in the rotation of post players next season. 

Jon Horford Transfers From Michigan

Michigan Wolverines head basketball coach John Beilein announced Thursday afternoon that senior big man Jon Horford will be transferring from the university for his final season of eligibility.

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